WPI game jam

Nov 15, 2020

Team: Frankie B – Joey Gundal – Ben J

We started by thinking about what our game should do and have. We decided that a game about helping each other with challenges would be good for the topic of coopertition.
Our first part of developing was making two characters in the same game, that you can switch back and forth between. With that, we made our first level, where one player jumps on top of the other player to get to a platform that they could not get to by themselves. On top of that platform, the player can enable low gravity for the other player to get up. Below is a video of what we had at this point.

After this we made the lighting better by making each material have lighting, meaning that each object produces its own light. This gives the look we were going for: flat, no shadows, and colorful. We also added a save game system to save where the player is when the game ends, so they will go to the same spot when the game starts again. In the video below there are still lights, but they are removed later.

Next, we changed the player to look like a lego ev3 brick, because we decided that the end goal of the game will be to get to a lego table. We also added another section that has a trigger. We later made the trigger spawn a launch pad.

After this, we made some new 3d objects to make the world look better, and finished the trigger and launch pad level.

After that, we added more 3d objects and made it look better, and added some UI popups to tell players what to do and other info. We also added another level where one player jumps on top of the other to climb a ledge, then they both climb to the top.

After that, we made another level where players can build. Each player has to place 1 block down, and each player’s block helps the other player get to the next level.

After a few more changes and fixes, the game is complete! Take a look at the video about how to beat the game below.

Update: we won an award on our game for user experience! Thanks!

Download Game

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